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Why Customers Love Verimatrix App Shield Pro

KARA Smart Fitness App & mirror by OliveX protected by Verimatrix App Shield.

Engineers, developers, security consultants and seasoned CISOs love Verimatrix App Shield (Pro). It’s by far our most popular tier in our suite of Shielding products. But why is that? What is it about App Shield Pro that resonates with buyers?

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Besides the fact that our military-grade security solution safeguards both iOS and Android apps, customers appreciate that this product is fully-automated, no-code approach to hardening apps. And that means that an unprotected app can be uploaded, hardened, then downloaded – ready to be uploaded to the app store of your choice. All in a matter of minutes. And as well all know, in business, speed impacts revenue.

"Verimatrix provides us with an easy, secure solution to protect our apps," said Kenneth Chau, Software Engineer for OliveX, developer of the KARA Smart Fitness app and mirror that Verimatrix protects with our App Shield product.

But what about corner cases when automation encounters a speed bump, preventing instantaneous app hardening? Again, Verimatrix App Shield Pro offers a free conscierge service where our in-house engineers can examine your app and protect it for you – all at no extra charge. In fact, we offer a full range of support that includes platform support tickets, email and phone, andf we offer online training and a community forum for all you do-it-yourselfers.

When we demo app monitoring to new sales prospects and customers, we usually see lightbulbs blinking on in people’s heads when they experience the value of seeing their apps performing in the wild. Imagine seeing how many of your apps are running on jailbroken/rooted devices, where in the world your apps are being used, and what threats we’re detecting in your app ecosystem. Well, we can offer this to you too if you’re a Verimatrix App Shield Pro customer.

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Another feature customers rave about is our Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) workflows that automate build, test, and deployment pipelines so customers can send unprotected apps to our platform, get them secured, and them we send back protected apps automatically. We have our own CI/CD that you can utilize, or you can try our Github Action – so we’ve got you covered if you’re looking to gain operation efficiencies in workflow management.

What about sales prospects and potential new channel partners – what concerns do they usually have? One of the top things people want to know is how Verimatrix’s Shielding products prevent reverse engineering of apps. Here’s what we tell them:

  • Verimatrix Shielding products protect against reverse engineering through obfuscation, environmental checks, and anti-tamper.
  • Verimatrix provides Control Flow Obfuscation — we rearrange the instructions in a method to make the flow of control more difficult for both humans and decompilers to follow. This has the effect of removing many of the patterns that decompilers look for when trying to reconstruct source code. Control Flow Obfuscation can cause decompilers to fail outright when attempting to decompile a method, or otherwise cause them to output code that is very difficult to comprehend. Our obfuscation goes as far as lifting the code off the vulnerable virtual machine and “wiping” it to machine native code. This makes is this is a good as it gets in terms of protecting the code from static analysis.
  • Verimatrix anti-tamper technology is next to impossible to circumvent. Not only do we protect your code from being hijacked, we ensure all the other security measures stay in place and aren’t disabled by hackers. Anti-tamper provides confidence that the app code is executing exactly as the developer intended, as it thwarts attempts to change the code and the wider app package. Anti-tamper makes sure other protections stay embedded in the app; that an attacker isn’t prodding-and-poking the app to understand how it works; or that the IP isn’t being repackaged or used out of context.
  • Environmental checks ensure the app is running only where the developer intended. For example; the app isn’t running on an emulator being monitored; it doesn’t have a debugger attached to it; and it isn’t under the control of a hooking framework like Frida.
  • Jailbreak detection and prevention: As a default, apps protected by Verimatrix security will still run on rooted/jailbroken devices. This is because not all rooted/jailbroken devices are a threat. For Android or iOS, if you don’t want your app to run on rooted/jailbroken device, you can ask our our concierge service to set this up for you.

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What about price?

Surely, for all these features, Verimatrix App Shield Pro must be expensive. Well, we believe we offer a fanstic value for the money. App Shield Pro costs $649 per month per app, via a convenient monthly SaaS model ($7,788 annually). The Android version of your app is counted as one app; and if you also have an iOS version of that same app, it’s counted as a second app. Herer are a few other things that customers love:

  • App Updates: You can update your apps as often as you like and there is no additional charge for hardening each version of your app.
  • App Size: There are no app size limits, meaning we don’t charge you extra if you have a large app that needs protection
  • Build Storage: You get 50GB of build storage, plenty of space to do what you need to do. Need more space, simply delete old and unused versions of your apps to free up storage, or simply ask us for more.

What if you are a small company, or a fast-growing start-up with limited budget for security and you’d like to use Verimatrix App Shield Pro – can we help you? Well, yes we can!

  • We offer a free 30-day trial
  • We offer a starter tier of App Shield that protects 1 app for $199 per month. It’s the same great protection we offer in our Pro tier but with a few less features such as limiting the number of app versions of the same app that can be protected to 6 instead of unlimited, limiting build storage to 5GB, and no access to our app monitoring service.
  • We also have the Verimatrix Innovator Program (VIP), which is our way of giving back by helping safeguard an unprotected world — providing modern, accessible app security – either for free or at a discount — to help enable amazing innovation to flourish when budgets are tight. For more details about our VIP program, email:

Prospective customers often ask, “Tell me more about Verimatrix – why should I buy from you?” This is what we typically say:

  • Verimatrix has a trusted 25-year history protecting content, apps and devices. Our security solutions have been validated by the best labs in the business, including: UL, Applus+, Riscure and Brightsight.
  • 1B people from 120 countries use our technology each day without even knowing it, because Verimatrix security is built into payment processing systems, entertainment devices, mobile apps, keyless car technology, and more.
  • The largest brands in the world use Verimatrix security products, like international banks and telcos. We also work with companies in fintech, automotive, IoT, healthcare and nearly every industry that publishes apps.
  • Over 500M apps are shielded by Verimatrix worldwide.
  • With Verimatrix security, we and our customers achieve certification from Mastercard, Visa  and EMVCo for mobile payments.
  • Verimatrix security meets rigorous compliance requirement in regulated industries such as financial services, media & entertainment and healthcare.

There are so many reasons to love Verimatrix App Shield Pro – now is a great time to see for yourself!

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