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Automotive cybersecurity solutions

Connected Cars Are Only as Safe as They Are Secure

Safety is Security in Connected Cars

Cybersecurity incidents in the automotive industry are increasing every year. As more connected cars hit the road, security by design is the only way to ensure that data, digital systems, and drivers are protected from cyber attacks. Verimatrix offers robust, automated, and intelligent security solutions to keep connected cars safe.

Lock the Door on Hackers

One third of all cyber attacks in the automotive industry involve keyless entry.* If cryptographic keys are left exposed, criminals can steal and clone them almost instantaneously. Give drivers the sleek, convenient keyless entry they expect without added security risk. Protect keyless entry and dissolve the threat with Verimatrix Key Shield.

Secure In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems

Vulnerable in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems leave businesses open to data breaches, compliance fines and costly recalls. Reduce risks and vulnerabilities with layered protection that makes your applications self-defending and safeguards your code. Verimatrix Code Shield secures the attack surfaces that are introduced with in-vehicle infotainment systems.

Protect Video Content to the Endpoint

Vehicles are like traveling movie theaters – nearly all wired cars allow consumers to play movies and TV shows through video players. Failure to encrypt the ‘handshake’ from the player to each display can be a compliance violation and a content protection gap.

 System integrators and device vendors can ensure premium content distribution meets Hollywood studio-compliance standards with Verimatrix Embedded DRM, an innovative automotive security toolkit that provides secure, point-to-point protection of premium video content from the car player to each display.

Security Solutions for the Connected Car

Key Shield

Build secure architectures and protect valuable data while maintaining total control of your cryptographic keys.

Code Shield

Secure code and stay on track with your product roadmap by implementing intelligent and automated tools.


Utilize this point-to-point protection and safeguard content for online and offline video playback on any device.

Ksmartech: Automotive Security Done Right

Ksmartech, one of South Korea’s most renowned security-focused app developers for automotive and IoT, utilizes the Verimatrix Application Shielding family of products to safeguard connected applications for some of the largest car manufacturers to deter attacks by cybercriminals.

"Our well-known automotive customers depend on powerful and reliable security solutions for their millions of customers. Verimatrix is an application security pioneer."
Sun-ho Jeong
CEO at Ksmartech

Service Providers: Monetize Auto Cybersecurity 

Thanks to the cloud, 5G and evolving consumer preferences, the auto industry is deploying new types of in-car experiences every day. Service providers and technology integrators are playing critical roles in enabling trusted experiences:

Every point of vehicle contact expands the potential threat surface. Leading service providers weave security solutions into their automotive workflows early in the development cycle to ensure compliance as well as protect consumers from harm.

Pave the way to automotive cybersecurity success by partnering with Verimatrix.

Boost your revenue and your reputation.

Protecting Hundreds of Millions of Mobile Devices

Verimatrix provides proven tools to protect the technology that drives connected cars, from safety-critical systems to in-vehicle infotainment. With Application Shielding technology deployed in hundreds of millions of devices and unparalleled support, leaders in the toughest industries trust Verimatrix to protect their content, equipment, technology and data.

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