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Code obfuscation

Protect iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux Apps

Obfuscate Multiple Languages

Code obfuscation takes well-engineered code and makes it difficult for an attacker to understand. Verimatrix Application Shielding solutions obfuscate Java, Kotlin, C, C++, Swift and JavaScript. A cyber criminal’s first step of an attack is to analyze code and gain an understanding of your app logic—with code obfuscation, hackers can’t get started. 

Implement a Range of Obfuscation Methods

Control Flow Obfuscation

Rather than simply renaming functions, methods, and classes, control flow goes further to obfuscate your app logic and deter hackers.

Symbol Obfuscation

Rename telltale identifiers in your code - like methods and package names - to something meaningless that an attacker wouldn’t understand.

String Obfuscation

Obfuscate hardcoded information like character strings and other literal data to protect clues to the functionality of your code as it executes.

Arithmetic Obfuscation

Further confuse a would-be attacker by making it more difficult to decipher the result of arithmetic and logical instructions in your app.

Benefits of Obfuscation with Verimatrix

Easy Implementation with No Code Required

Verimatrix Application Shielding solutions offer powerful, automated code obfuscation that can be implemented within minutes – and no specialist security knowledge is required. The intelligence built into these tools removes any need for heavy lifting with configuration or onboarding. Whether you are looking for an on-premise solution or a cloud service to keep your apps secure, Verimatrix’s flexible options can meet any need.  

Prevent Reverse Engineering

Code obfuscation prevents reverse engineering techniques that rely on static analysis of your code. This form of attack has become commonplace as cybercriminals shift their focus from the traditional security perimeter to exploiting the vulnerable app code outside of it in order to gain access to backend servers. 

Protect Hybrid Android and iOS Applications

Program code is a precious asset to its owner, and Verimatrix offers robust protection for both Android and iOS applications. Hybrid apps are particularly vulnerable to attack because a majority of business logic is written in JavaScript, which is akin to cleartext and the most difficult to secure. Verimatrix ensures that JavaScript is obfuscated and difficult for hackers to comprehend.   

Find the Right Obfuscation Tool for You

Key Shield

An engineering toolkit to design cryptographic architectures without sharing your keys.

Code Shield

An enterprise-grade, on-premise, customizable toolkit for mobile and embedded systems.

App Shield

A zero-code, easy-to-implement cloud service for Android and iOS mobile applications.

Talk to a Specialist

See how we can help protect your business with layered application shielding solutions.


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