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Payment tokenization

Seamless Solutions for Payment Innovations

Replace Sensitive Data with Digital Tokens

Verimatrix helps issuing banks and digital wallet providers create a safe environment to deliver in-store mobile payments. Tokenization helps you achieve compliance with payments industry regulations and maintain consumer trust by empowering you to: 

Hide Account Data

Tokens replace personal account numbers (PANs) with pseudo account numbers, which can only be traced to the payment account by the tokenization service.

Minimize Risk

Cryptographic keys of tokenized accounts have a very short life span, which greatly reduces risk and the value of the data being provisioned to a mobile device. 

Enhance User Experience

Carefully designed tokenization is invisible to the acquiring network, so your customers can pay anywhere with no changes needed by merchants or their payment processors.

Protect the Entire Data Flow 

The payments industry requires comprehensive security that protects data wherever it lives—on-premise, in the cloud, and on the payment device.

Verimatrix’s use of tokenization ensures that sensitive payment data is never exposed either when provisioning a new card, managing its lifecycle or when making a payment.

Streamline Compliance  

Verimatrix’s Mobile Payment solutions are built to integrate seamless with the tokenisation services from Mastercard and Visa. Our SDK and Server are approved to the scheme’s functional and security requirements giving a smooth deployment for any bank or digital wallet developer looking to deploy tokenized mobile payments.  

Deploy with Experts

Verimatrix was one of Visa’s original tokenization partners and an integral part of the teamthat launched the first Issuer Wallet connected to thescheme tokenization services.*

Our decades worth of experience means that we know how to deploy customers quickly and smoothly. 

Choose the Right Tool to Protect Payments

Digital Wallets SDK 

This trusted solution offers integrated tokenization and a customizable white label application, enabling you to deliver a branded service.  

Application Shielding

Are you developing your own mobile payment wallet? Secure it to Visa and Mastercard standards with Verimatrix’s suite of shielding solutions .

Talk to a Specialist

Learn how Verimatrix can help you keep cardholder data secure. 


*Visa: Visa Opens Tokenization Services to Third Party Partners 


Video Protection & Anti-Piracy

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