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The Verimatrix Video Protection & Anti-Piracy Blog

Browse our blog for insights and analysis about all things related to video protection and anti-piracy in the connected world. Find industry-related articles, news, and advice from our security specialists, and learn more about how to best safeguard your content and applications.

Why DRM alone is not enough

Digital Rights Management (DRM) has been an essential security tool for content providers for decades.

chat gpt

ChatGPT: Friend or Foe?

The reward of engaging with a loyal customer base doesn’t come without risk. Hackers, often highly resourced cybercriminal gangs, recognize that mobile apps provide a gateway into the enterprise. As awareness grows about this risk, enterprises are increasingly seeking solutions to secure and protect their mobile apps.

The devil’s in the data

Reflecting on NAB, we are reminded of the excitement that our recently launched Streamkeeper has been generating. We’d had a sense of it before the show when talking to customers, content owners and industry analysts, but as the whole industry came together in Las Vegas, it was clear to see that Streamkeeper solves a real challenge the media industry is facing.

Video Protection & Anti-Piracy

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